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When accidents happen, the faster you act, the better the recovery! Thankfully, with Pharmasave Dominion, our collection of specialty wound treatment products and packages leaves you in good hands. We offer the likes of abdominal pads, bandages, first aid tapes, gauzes, ice packs and wound cleansers from market-leading brands, such as Elastagrip, Mepore and Telfa. With our help and selection, we’ll provide you with peace of mind the next time an accident happens!


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What makes Pharmasave Dominion stand out is our desire to help each and every person. With our personalized approach to customer care and service, we can provide you with Grade-A hospital care and support. Our team will work together to provide you with the right treatment so you recover quicker than ever before. Whether you’ve come from your doctor’s office or straight from the hospital, we’re ready to help you!

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There is no need to drive everything to find what you need. You could find it all at our pharmacy. We take great pride in being the go-to store where we can help all our consumers. Save time by visiting Pharmsave Dominion today.

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Got a question that needs to be answered? Let our staff help you with your concerns. Our pharmacists can offer you guidance and advice regarding your medical history, while our team can help you with all lifestyle and everyday needs.

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We believe in supporting the local community, and by visiting our pharmacy, you're doing the same. We're independently and locally owned and supported by the national brand, which means quality products at local prices.

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Whenever you need our help, our pharmacists and customer representatives are ready to assist you. You shouldn’t be left waiting for specialty wound care at a time when you need it the most. With our selection of products, coupled with our approach to care and service, you know you’re getting the best support with our pharmacists and representatives. When it comes to specialty wound care in Calgary, leave it to our team.

Did You Know

Ideally, two days is the ideal time to leave your dressing on. However, it’s best to speak to your doctor about the best course for your recovery.

It depends on the brand and the dressing. Some brands, such as Tegaderm, are waterproof and will hold firm. Others won’t. It’s best if you find a wound that offers waterproof support when required.

Uncovered wounds dry out over time and ultimately slow down the healing process while inviting infections and inflammation. It’s best to have your wounds covered at all times!