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Your Selection of Lavish Treats & Healthy Snacks

Find yourself surrounded by specialty candies and healthy treats right here at Pharmasave Dominion. We are proud of offering our consumers a vast array of delicious snacks from high-quality brands, including Brookside, Good Fats, Good To Go, Kerr’s, Edward March, and many more. We give you ample opportunity to find the perfect treat for your tastebuds. From the sweet (such as gourmet chocolate, candies and gummies) to the savoury (such as chips, crackers and popcorn) and everything in between (health and protein bars), we have the definitive collection of delicious snacks for you. Come check out our selection today!

We Carry

specialty candies - kerrs candy

Kerr's CANDY

specialty candies & treats - savory-popcorn


specialty candies & treats - fudge bars


specialty candies & treats - brookside-chocolate

Brookside Chocolate

specialty candies - russell stover candy

Russel Stover Candy

specialty candies & treats - edward-marc-chocolate

Edward March Chocolate

specialty candies - made good bars

Made Good

specialty candies & treats - protein bars

Good Fats
Protein Bars

specialty candies & treats - protein bars

Good to Go protein bars

specialty candies & treats - kurtz culinary creations

Kurtz Culinary Creations Jellies

specialty candies - saltspring jellies


specialty candies & treats - bbq sauce

Get Sauced
BBQ Sauce

specialty candies & treats - gourmet village


specialty candies & treats - haupy's seasonings


Add More To Your Everyday Meals

Who says that food can’t be flavourful and healthy? We’re happy to showcase our collection of culinary delights that will bring to life any meal. We offer the likes of jams, seasonings, sauces, spices and salts from leading independent brands, such as Get Sauced, Gourmet Village, Haupy’s, Kurtz and Saltspring. Add a dash of authentic flavour to any of your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks with our amazing collection. Our customer representatives will be happy to assist you regarding any dietary information or advice.

Caring For Our Community

Find What You Need

There is no need to drive everything to find what you need. You could find it all at our pharmacy. We take great pride in being the go-to store where we can help all our consumers. Save time by visiting Pharmsave Dominion today.

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Got a question that needs to be answered? Let our staff help you with your concerns. Our pharmacists can offer you guidance and advice regarding your medical history, while our team can help you with all lifestyle and everyday needs.

Support Local Business

We believe in supporting the local community, and by visiting our pharmacy, you're doing the same. We're independently and locally owned and supported by the national brand, which means quality products at local prices.

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