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Supporting You With Sports & Knee Braces in Calgary

Playing sports means opening up the possibility of injuries, such as sprains, strains and even breaks. As your trusted Calgary cast clinic, Pharmasave Dominion can support you through all your injuries with our large selection of products, coupled with our experienced advice and guidance. Our helpful pharmacists and staff will offer you direction and information to select the appropriate products to aid your recovery. Before you know it, you’ll be back playing your game sooner than ever! 


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At Our Calgary Cast Clinic, We Support All Players

We understand that your injury might differ from others, as the sport you play operates with different rules. That’s why we strive to provide our community with a large selection of arms, elbows, ankle and knee braces in Calgary – so all players receive proper care. We even offer specialty products, including magnetic back braces, immobilizers, and sport-specific goods. Whether you’re aiming to become a pro or just enjoy participating in your local league, we’ll support you during your recovery. 

Caring For Our Community

Find What You Need

There is no need to drive everything to find what you need. You could find it all at our pharmacy. We take great pride in being the go-to store where we can help all our consumers. Save time by visiting Pharmsave Dominion today.

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Got a question that needs to be answered? Let our staff help you with your concerns. Our pharmacists can offer you guidance and advice regarding your medical history, while our team can help you with all lifestyle and everyday needs.

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We believe in supporting the local community, and by visiting our pharmacy, you're doing the same. We're independently and locally owned and supported by the national brand, which means quality products at local prices.

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Our Personalized Approach To Recovery 

Whether you’re playing football, scoring goals in soccer or dunking buckets in basketball, we’re the team that can help you get back in the game. Our Pharmasave in Calgary is recognized for its high level of care and support, offering a positive experience for our consumers. Our experienced pharmacists and representatives can guide you with a personalized approach to your sporting injuries. Based on your doctor’s advice, we can point you in the right direction, so your recovery is faster, better and safer. Visit our store today and experience our quality service.

Did You Know

Braces are mainly used for healing sprains or tears, which require movement to rehabilitate. Splints, on the other hand, are used for emergencies where movement should be limited.

It all depends on the type of injury you have and the best way to recover from it. Based on your doctor’s reports, we can help you choose the right sporting brace for your injury.

Casts are primarily used to support and immobilize fractured or injured bones and joints. They keep the bone in place until it fully heals. They are often made from fibreglass or plaster.