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Protect Yourself With A Flu Shot in Calgary 

The flu, also known as influenza, is one of the most common illnesses in the community, particularly in the fall and winter months. During this period, thousands of men, women and children suffer severe symptoms, such as runny noses, coughs, sneezing and fever, and become highly contagious. The only protection available is the flu vaccine, and here at Pharmasave Dominion, we administer flu shots in Calgary to everyone over the age of five. You can stop the spread and reduce contraction by booking an appointment at our Pharmasave in Calgary

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Supporting You With More Than Flu Shots in Calgary

At Pharmasave Dominion, we support the Alberta Health Services’ recommendations for administering the flu shot every six months. More than that, we offer support and advice to every consumer. Our prescribing pharmacists will explain the benefits of receiving the vaccine, discuss how it interacts with other medical conditions, and recommend what actions you can take following the injection. With us, you’ll feel confident and educated when taking the flu shot.

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There is no need to drive everything to find what you need. You could find it all at our pharmacy. We take great pride in being the go-to store where we can help all our consumers. Save time by visiting Pharmsave Dominion today.

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Got a question that needs to be answered? Let our staff help you with your concerns. Our pharmacists can offer you guidance and advice regarding your medical history, while our team can help you with all lifestyle and everyday needs.

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We believe in supporting the local community, and by visiting our pharmacy, you're doing the same. We're independently and locally owned and supported by the national brand, which means quality products at local prices.

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Getting the flu shot every year reduces your chances of contracting the disease, its potential dangers, such as pneumonia, and prevents it from spreading throughout the community. You can make your family and your community a safer place by getting the flu shot as soon as it becomes available. The cost of the injection is covered by Alberta Health Services, meaning there is no cost for Alberta Residents. Alongside the flu vaccine, we offer vaccinations in Calgary to protect you against other infectious diseases, such as chickenpox, rubella, HPV, and more. When it comes to your overall health and security, our pharmacy has everything that you need. 

Did You Know

The Alberta Health Services recommends that individuals over six months get the shot every year, as the vaccine is formulated to protect you against any new strains.

If you are an Alberta Resident (through citizenship or permanent residency), the flu vaccine is covered under Alberta Health Care and is for free.

No! The flu shot does not contain the live virus, so there is no chance of contracting it from the vaccine itself.